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PUMA NYC Flagship Store.

We were commissioned by Narwal Creative to come up with a video loop, displayed inside the PUMA NYC flagship store. 
The main challenge is to capture the brand spirit and the NYC vibes.

With different ideas going back and forward three designs were made. The first was an agile and dynamic lettering design that represented the motto of the company (Forever Faster) and that reflected the movement of the city of New York.

Playing with rough cuts from the PUMA sneakers, calligraphy, tags and illustration, the second design was aim to represent the street, the culture and the always present relationship New York has with history.

Creating a basic grid of colors with simple and organic details, the third design is a mix of pop culture,
streetball culture and street culture, that mixes influences that New York exported to the world.

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If you're in New York City and you happen to pass by the PUMA Store. Don't mind taking a photo on the big screen and tag me along, I will appreciated dearly.

Thank you!

Creative Direction: Narwal
Animation: Poettier Vasquez & Narwal
Photography by: PUMA NYC, Irak Rivas & Diana Haro.

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